• Sale! Learn How to Build a Website without the Knowledge of Programming by Collins Afam Nwude

    Learn How to Build a Website without the Knowledge of Programming

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    By Nwude Collins A.

    It is now an undoubted fact that the website design business has become a rising boom in the Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) Industry in Nigeria and in the global circuit.

    This book is meant to be read cover-to-cover, and all you have to do is read a page, do what it says and go ahead, after completing the entire task in the book, you will be fluent with website design using Joomla 1.5, you do not need a HTML or PHP knowledge to be able to build a website using Joomla 1.5.

    Building a website is similar to following plans of construction. Have you ever looked at the blueprint for a new home? Blueprints illustrate on paper what the home will look like inside as well as how the home will be entered from outdoors.

    Within are doorways that tend from room to room. These doors are strategically placed as to not interfere with other areas of the home, but to provide easy access from one room to the next.

    You website is very similar to these blueprint. So you can create blueprint of your website before you start designing it.

    Do this on paper by writing out a general menu and layout of how you would like the website to look online.

     Most important in website design is creativity, you have to be creative and think smart, you have to imagine things and be able to bring them into reality. You should make the rules because you are the boss in your field and believe that nothing is impossible when it comes to website design. However you must be ready and willing to learn new things.

    The Benefits of the Book.

    • You will be able to build a website even without HTML or PHP knowledge.
    • You will make money creating simple website for people and organization.
    • You will also become a key player in the website design industry, building website for hundred of potential clients.
  • Sale! The ABC of Bulk SMS Website Design Using Cms (Joomla) By Collins Afam Nwude

    The ABC of Bulk SMS Website Design Using Cms (Joomla)

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    Chapter One: Introduction
    Chapter Two: Basics of Joomla
    Chapter Three: Web Hosting and CPanel
    Chapter Four: Installing Joomla 2.5
    Chapter Five: Introduction to Joomla Design Environment
    Chapter Six: Changing the Default Template of Joomla 2.5
    Chapter Seven: Sample Bulk SMS Website
    Chapter Eight: Connecting Your Reseller through API
    Chapter Nine: SEO-Metadata Options
    Chapter Ten: Converting htaccess.text file into .htaccess file
    Chapter Eleven: How to Create a Webmail Account
    Chapter Twelve: Replacing the Joomla! Favicon
    Chapter Thirteen: How to Recover Lost Password
    Chapter Fourteen: Joomla Extensions
    Chapter Fifteen: Bulk SMS Marketing
    Chapter Sixteen: Conclusion