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For Just ₦48, 000 NGN ( $154.56 USD, ‎£121.44 GBP, €137.20 EUR, GH₵738.24 GHS, R2400 ZAR, ₹12000 INR) with 12 months installments payment plan.


A four (4) Page Website


An Android Mobile App

For your Business/Company

Get a Free Website and Mobile App in Nigeria

Features Includes:

Domain Name Registration
Web Hosting Account
Logo Design
1 Website Banner Design
SSL Certificate
Submission of Android Mobile App to Google Play Store

For Just ₦48, 000 NGN ( $154.56 USD, ‎£121.44 GBP, €137.20 EUR, GH₵738.24 GHS, R2400 ZAR, ₹12000 INR) with 12 months installments payment plan.

Mode of Payment: 

Sign Up Fee: ₦36,000 NGN ($115.2 USD, ‎£91.08 GBP, €102.90 EUR, GH₵553.68 GHS, R1800 ZAR, ₹9000 INR)
Additional monthly installments of ₦1,000 NGN ($3.22 USD, ‎£2.53 GBP, €2.94 EUR, GH₵15.38 GHS, R50 ZAR, ₹250 INR)

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For more information call +234(0)9079293444 or send a mail to promo@circleitc.com www,circleitc.com.

Please Read the Entrepreneurs’ Promo Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) applied to this Promo

“Boundless Possibilities”

Frequent Asked Questions

What would be required from me for my website and app development

Provide information:
  • About Your Services/Products
  • About Your Company
  • Contact Details
  • preferred colors
  • Sample of Logo

Can I place an advert link of other website on my own website?

Yes. you can also place google Ads on your website.

How do I make payment for my subscription ? Do you offer online payment services for my subscription?

Monthly Invoices will be forwarded to you with payments instructions. Yes, we offer online payment services

Is this payment plan same for all subsequent yearly subscription?

Yes, this will cover Domain Name Registration, SSL Certificate and Web Hosting account.

Would my website be listed among the top ten websites on any search engines?

Depends on your Search Engine Optimization of your website. please click here to read more about SEO

Would I pay for web search engine optimization services?

yes, you will have to pay for this services, please click here to see our SEO packages.

How often can I make an update?

You can make update anytime

How long would it take for an update to be made?

All update requests are treated immediately,

Do you offer any update or upgrade services?

We offer upgrade and update services which will attract additional fee, However, We offer free technical support for 12 months,

How long would it take for the website to be up and running?

It will take 10 Days to get the Website and Mobile App ready.

I will like to know if the 36000 Naira is the total amount that the website design will cost me or are there other charges i need to know about

The Actual cost for the Promo is ₦48,000 (80% Discount), but we have decided to spread it across 13 months. First payment of ₦36,000 and subsequent payments of ₦1,000 for the next 12 months. after that you can decide to continue hosting with Circle ITC or Migrate to another Hosting Company, if you decide to continue Hosting with Circle ITC, you will continue the payment of ₦1,000 Monthly (Which will include Hosting, Domain Name & SSL Certificate) and save about ₦12,000 Annually.